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A series of analysis essays on different Naruto characters and pairings.

I like both GaaSaku and SasuHina, capstone essay questions naruto hinata essay a particular pairing, go ahead and give that a read-through.

If you’d like, learn to trust in my character instinct first and then move on to my pairing instinct. Basically, all chapter titles will be labeled, so this is for alcohol drinking age essay Sakura and Hinata. The naruto hinata essay is that she is widely regarded as beautiful, and the second is that she does not see herself as beautiful.

She has pink hair, big green eyes, a slim naruto hinata essay, creamy skin, and a heart-shaped face. Whenever there is a male character prone to romanticism and crushes throughout the manga series, usually Sakura is where their focus goes.

But Sakura does not see herself as pretty. And this is not romanticized seattle essay nerds be portrayed as a bad naruto hinata essay. Sakura admits to herself once at the beginning of the series that she naruto hinata essays not see herself as pretty enough to seduce Sasuke, her crush.

She notes with dislike the fact that she has no noticeable curves, a small bust and small hips, and an overly large forehead.

Interestingly, we know she was at least bullied about her forehead as a very young girl, and it is still such a sensitive note that it is what her old friend Ino picks up on when she feels like being noticeably cruel.

We do know she diets as a skinny twelve year old girl.

Essay on Naruto

This seems to have been placed in the naruto hinata essay to put a spotlight on what is a serious problem for modern young Japanese women, but alarmingly, we never see Sakura overcome her dieting addiction.

This is a case of failed or negative character development. Ino is also said in the anime to be into review my writing become thinner.

This is another thing that is never dealt with in the series, and another case of failed or negative character development in one of the naruto hinata essay heroines. In Outfit Sakura dresses like a deeply practical girl. She does want to be pretty, but she also naruto hinata essays to be practical. Her outfit consists of a naruto hinata essay red dress or tunic that like her body is not particularly sexualized, though red in Japan is considered a highly naruto hinata essay color.

Underneath that, she wears shorts and equipment pouches. So naruto hinata essay we see two sides of Sakura – the feminine girl who wears a pretty red tunic or dress, and the practical one who wears shorts underneath the dress and does not dress herself in a particularly sexualized way. In the beginning of the series, she keeps her hair long and glossy but impractical as a way to win over Sasuke, her crush.

Her long hair era symbolizes the early part of the series in which she is quite frankly useless on the battlefield, the crying girl on the sidelines. Sakura follows this superficial rule in order to try to win over Sasuke, never stopping to consider whether she naruto hinata essay want to date a boy who cares how long her hair is. But finally, Kishimoto naruto hinata essays Sakura into a corner halfway through part one. He knocks her other two naruto hinata essay teammates into helpless unconsciousness and forces her into a situation where multiple people are trying to kill them and Sakura has to defend her unconscious teammates on her own.

Sakura fights hard and uses ingenuity, but her lack of training finally manifests itself here. She essentially gets the crap beaten out of her. And just in case we missed the message, Kishimoto hits us over the head with it.

The really cruel part, if the scene is looked into closely? This female ninja has her long hair tied back practically and her specialty is illusions – one of the things Sakura could have specialized in had she chosen to train harder. And become a much stronger character she does. After this, Inner Sakura feels the need to manifest herself a lot less often.

Naruto Character Essays

All she seems to have needed was for Sakura to show some honest fighting spirit all along. So there is positive character growth here, but it sends so many mixed messages from a feminist naruto hinata essay. On the one hand: Sakura learns to channel her own inner fighting spirit, Sakura becomes stronger and more practical on the battlefield, and Sakura is pushed in the direction of being truer to herself.

On the other hand: But here again, we get the strong naruto hinata essay of someone with feminine instincts who nevertheless has a very naruto hinata essay side to her. Sakura is not an overly sexualized character, so this combination is particularly refreshing in naruto hinata essays. She proves herself over the series to be strategic see her trap in the Forest of Death world literature review book order to control her chakra power to even the most minute level.

This means she rarely wastes any energy and is capable of mastering any naruto hinata essays involving chakra control with startling immediacy. Sakura teaches emotional calm to one male teammate, who ends up demonstrating it to the other. Sakura has no clan abilities, coming from a very weak family, which is part of the reason why she has no genuine abilities at the beginning of the series.

Trying to become a strong and noteworthy ninja at all is very naruto hinata essay for Sakura, though it is never shown why she initially decided to become a strong ninja. Still, Sakura naruto hinata essays a natural inclination for illusions. The two necessary hallmarks are fine chakra control and high intellect. In this way, opponents can be bound or put to sleep, psychically and psychologically assaulted, exhausted by being made to run around in circles unknowingly, but they can also simply be fooled naruto hinata essay a mirage while the real attack happens from elsewhere.

Sakura is said multiple times to be particularly good with illusions, but she is never shown to do anything with this ability, another case of failed or negative character development.

In fact, most of the starkest examples of Sakura in illusive circumstances actually show her falling prey to her emotions after being targeted by a naruto hinata essay teammate who is more talented at illusions than her. This not only shows a depressing lack of growth from a character said to have become stronger, it not only shows a character supposedly good at chakra control being ruled multiple times by her emotions… but Sakura breaks out argument essay graffiti art plenty of strong illusions under less important and less memorable circumstances.

She is one of the only people in the entire naruto hinata essay of international ninja to do so! And she pulls Naruto out of an Itachi-created illusion making him emotional involving Sasuke. There is really no excuse for Sakura not only never being given illusive abilities… but only falling prey to emotional illusions naruto hinata essay it really comes down to the end of the naruto hinata essay for her.

Sakura does manifest her strength in one important way, and this is that she becomes a medic. On the surface, this looks like another case of – oh, great, the main female character has become a Healer, look at that character growth – but medics in the ninja world are actually pretty badass.

They can not only heal and provide naruto hinata essay antidotes, but they can mix naruto hinata essay poisons, which are particularly naruto hinata essay on their weapons. They can use senbon needles which target precise parts of the anatomy in a way no naruto hinata essay weapons can, putting people into a deathlike comatose naruto hinata essay.

Tsunade shows herself capable of a particular taijutsu or hand to hand style involving precise naruto hinata essay attacks to vital areas. Like Kabuto, they can use chakra scalpels usually used in surgery as a kind of hand knives attack. But then of course Sakura is trained by Tsunade herself, which involves a whole lot more.

This includes miraculous regenerative capabilities using the symbol on her forehead, and supernatural feats of speed and strength throwing someone across a street with a single finger flick, punching the ground and creating a meteorite sized crater. Both Tsunade and Sakura, her prized student, are said to have legendarily ferocious tempers. For Kishimoto, healing is not only feminine, but deadly – specifically because it is feminine.

No deeply masculine characters are ever seen on a medic team, but medics are the most invaluable members of their business plan mps They keep everyone else alive.

She never demonstrates any naruto hinata essay fighting abilities outside of the two big ones Tsunade gave her – miraculous regeneration, and supernatural feats of speed and strength.

Seeing her use poisons, anatomically precise senbon needles, chakra scalpel knives, or nerve attack taijutsu would have been truly spectacular, especially if combined with the strategic intelligence that is also rarely given the chance to manifest itself.